Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quick Intro Post

Hi, my name is Jasmin. I'll be your hostess for the duration. I am a fun, funky, fabulous female married to the love of my life, Wade. We live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada along with the cat, Thomas. We live in a teeny, tiny apartment by the river valley which is a beautiful part of the city to live in. There are trees and wildlife all around and within walking distance is the fun and amazing Whyte Avenue - a terrific shopping destination!

I am currently unemployed - but still looking for work. In the meantime, I create many pretty and neat things. My main distraction is jewelry making. I love making my own jewelry. I got started (again - I used to make many things when I was younger) when I decided I wanted to make myself a bracelet because I could never find any in my size. I started making stretchy bracelets and that evolved into bracelets with toggle clasps and necklaces and eventually into wire working.

My main form of jewelry making now is wire working. I use mostly copper and sterling silver wire.
My main focus these days are wire wrapped bracelets and cluster rings. I love making these items and that evolved into selling them to friends and family. I thought that maybe I could make a living - or at least suppliment my income - making and selling my jewelry so I opened my Etsy store. I have sold a few things so far, and this encourages me to continue.

I do other crafts from time to time too so don't be alarmed to see cards, collages and maybe even a scrapbook page on here every once in a while.

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