Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Whew! What a list!!! This here is the list of store participating in the May Madness Sale presented by the Etsy Alberta Street Team (May 1 - May 7)! Go check out the stores! These are some wonderfully talented artists!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I am in a treasury with my fabulous team mates!

Thank you to LiliesbyLisa (found at for including me!

Sale starts Friday! I hope to see you all there!


Not yet! But...

Starting May 1 through to May 7 The Alberta Street Team on Etsy is having a sale! I am so excited! I will be offering 20% off in my store - the discount will either be given back as a refund through PayPal or if you convo me ahead of time, I will change the price for you!

As soon as I have the link of shops participating I will post it. In the meantime, here is a list of all the talented artists in Team Alberta:

Oh, I am so excited!

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Items

Grr. This post is just no working! Let's try this again.

Here are some new items I've put up in my Etsy store.

The first one is hematite and sterling silver. The second one is freshwater pearls and sterling silver (called Mini Milky White) and the last is a set of earrings I called the Funky Geometric Pink Shell and Copper Earrings.

There will be more added soon!

Friday, April 24, 2009


To celebrate Etsy Day, I am offering 15% off everything in my shop!!!

Refund will be given through a Paypal adjustment, or convo me before purchasing to have the price adjusted! Happy shopping!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Just a quickie before I go to bed. (Get your minds out of the gutter, LOL!)

I love the whole Etsy chat. It is a great way to connect and meet new people. These people (for the most part) are great, wonderful, fun people to talk to and joke with. I just wanted to throw my love out there for these people. :D

Also, new items in the store!

Check it out!

More to come!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone.

I love Sundays - they are the most relaxing day of the week to me but Sunday nights have a bitter-sweet quality to them.

Sunday nights mean that tomorrow is Monday, the beginning of another stressful work week. It used to be, to me, that Sunday nights were a thing of sadness. Work was not a place I wanted to be. But now, maybe because I am a little older and (hopefully) wiser, work is a place to get things done. I feel more accomplished at work - I am using my talents and skills to help and move the company I work for forward. I know there are things at work that I need to do - that only I can do. That fills me with a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of anticipation. I can't wait to get to work so that I, me and no other, can complete these tasks.

Sounds silly. Maybe it is. That is what Sunday nights feel like to me.

PS. I finally photographed all my new jewelry! Look for it to be popping up in my store soon!

*A sneak peak of things to come!

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Secret

Ok, so I know that I am a little late to it, but I am reading the Secret. Ok, I've read the first chapter, but so far, I like what she says. Think positive and you will attract positivity into your life. Think you will be successful, and you will.

This is great. I plan on doing this more. I have even started a journal that I carry with me everywhere. I write in it when I have a moment. I just write simple things, things I am grateful for, things I love at that moment, things I want to attract to my life.

I am grateful for my good friends and new friends, wonderful family, good health, job and the roof over my head.

I want to be successful, a good friend, happy and cheerful.

Things I love at this moment:
My husband
My new necklace form dearange (
My new job

I will try to write down as many thoughts as I can each day. I will write with positivity and passion. I will not write in the negative: that is to say, I won't write my thoughts as "I don't want..." rather, I will say "I want to be..."

What do you love? What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Working LIfe

I am torn.

I would absolutely love to not ever have to work for a living. I would much rather stay home and work on my jewelry sales, my Etsy store, developing new products, and organizing for craft sales. However, it absolutely drives me nuts being at home alone all day! I really need human interaction; I need to talk to other people during the day and I especially need to get out of the house daily or I will go stark, raving mad! And none of that is to mention I need the pay cheque! Ha ha!

So what do I do? I get a job, a full time job that helps pay the bills, gets me out of the house and provides more human interaction than my husband can provide. Now, I am thoroughly exhausted, drained and I have no energy or time to create my jewelry, come up with new designs or organize myself for a craft show! It is a catch-22.

I think, I really need to get back into the swing of things (how clique!) and get used to working full time and crafting on the side. Maybe, someday, I will be able to do the one I truly love full time, but until then, I must cope, and not whine about my situation!

The working life sucks.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Sale!

Hello everyone! The job is still going well - things are still very hectic and demanding there but people are seeing that I mean business and the owner knows that I really do have the best intentions for the company as a whole at heart. I really do hope to make a huge difference and I really hope to help move the company forward into better sales and more money!

In other news, I have decided in honour of spring and Easter I am having a weekend sale in my Etsy store! Everything is 15% off - the price difference will be refunded through Paypal. Come and shop, I hope you find something you love!

Monday, April 6, 2009

New Job

Firstly, I got offered a job on Friday, and I started today!!

Holey moley, what a day! I am just exhausted!

I started today. They are pretty lax about the hours people work there and wanted to know if I had a set schedule in mind. I am not so lax about the hours I work and definitely had a schedule in mind - 8-4:30 or so. I do not like working later in the day, I would rather start early and leave early and have some of the evening to myself. They were pleased with that and they hope I might be a good influence on some of the other employees.

So I started today at about 7:45. Really early! Of course, except for the production team, no one gets in that early so I spent some time waiting around with them until I had enough and went upstairs to the offices. I sat in my new office and poked around on the computer, looking at files, reading employee hand outs and stuff. After people started arriving, around 9:30 or so, I finally got some training. I ended up staying late, really late(!) because another girl who used to do parts of my job (but really, was too much of a pushover for the position) came in to train me on a few more things. She will be coming back on Wednesday for more training. I wonder what time she will be in, ha ha!

Talking to the owner of the company before I started, I warned him that I wasn't there to make friends or play nice with anyone. I was there to do a job, and if I had to change the way things were done in order to save the company money or time, I wouldn't hesitate to implement those changes. He was so happy to hear that! He really needs someone who can stand up to his employees and tell them no once in a while. They really take advantage of the poor man, and unfortunately, he brought it all on himself by being to nice and saying yes all the time. Things are going to change for the better around there. I won't be a bitch, but I will not let myself be taken advantage of, especially by a bunch of kids to used to getting their way.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


I want to know what your hobbies are.

Mine include reading and writing, doodling and painting, creating jewelry and fiddling around with papercrafts, tweeting, blogging, Facebook and the Facebook Fairy application. I am completely and totally addicted to this last one. You grow flowers and herbs in your garden, watering your flowers on time to ensure they don't wilt and levelling your garden up the more you grow. I absolutely love this application!

So, I am curious. What do you do for fun? What fills your spare time? Let me know!