Monday, April 6, 2009

New Job

Firstly, I got offered a job on Friday, and I started today!!

Holey moley, what a day! I am just exhausted!

I started today. They are pretty lax about the hours people work there and wanted to know if I had a set schedule in mind. I am not so lax about the hours I work and definitely had a schedule in mind - 8-4:30 or so. I do not like working later in the day, I would rather start early and leave early and have some of the evening to myself. They were pleased with that and they hope I might be a good influence on some of the other employees.

So I started today at about 7:45. Really early! Of course, except for the production team, no one gets in that early so I spent some time waiting around with them until I had enough and went upstairs to the offices. I sat in my new office and poked around on the computer, looking at files, reading employee hand outs and stuff. After people started arriving, around 9:30 or so, I finally got some training. I ended up staying late, really late(!) because another girl who used to do parts of my job (but really, was too much of a pushover for the position) came in to train me on a few more things. She will be coming back on Wednesday for more training. I wonder what time she will be in, ha ha!

Talking to the owner of the company before I started, I warned him that I wasn't there to make friends or play nice with anyone. I was there to do a job, and if I had to change the way things were done in order to save the company money or time, I wouldn't hesitate to implement those changes. He was so happy to hear that! He really needs someone who can stand up to his employees and tell them no once in a while. They really take advantage of the poor man, and unfortunately, he brought it all on himself by being to nice and saying yes all the time. Things are going to change for the better around there. I won't be a bitch, but I will not let myself be taken advantage of, especially by a bunch of kids to used to getting their way.

Wish me luck!

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