Friday, April 17, 2009

The Secret

Ok, so I know that I am a little late to it, but I am reading the Secret. Ok, I've read the first chapter, but so far, I like what she says. Think positive and you will attract positivity into your life. Think you will be successful, and you will.

This is great. I plan on doing this more. I have even started a journal that I carry with me everywhere. I write in it when I have a moment. I just write simple things, things I am grateful for, things I love at that moment, things I want to attract to my life.

I am grateful for my good friends and new friends, wonderful family, good health, job and the roof over my head.

I want to be successful, a good friend, happy and cheerful.

Things I love at this moment:
My husband
My new necklace form dearange (
My new job

I will try to write down as many thoughts as I can each day. I will write with positivity and passion. I will not write in the negative: that is to say, I won't write my thoughts as "I don't want..." rather, I will say "I want to be..."

What do you love? What are you grateful for?