Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy list

Do you know what is a good feeling? Telling someone online that you like them and then making them blush in real life. I am happy to have made someone that happy.

What makes me happy today?


  • 0.50$ cupcakes are pretty darn good!
  • The gorgeous weather outside
  • My husband showing up at work with sushi for me!!!!
  • Cheese (this will always be on this list whether or not I've had any that day)
  • Sleeping with the windows open
  • Being environmentally friendly and taking the bus
  • My ipod for the bus
  • Planning a picnic for dinner
  • Thinking of my family and friends
  • New babies (not mine lol)
  • Gardening - today would be a perfect day to garden, alas, my apartment is tiny and no balcony
  • Feeling productive after a lovely, lazy weekend
  • Spellcheck

What are you happy about today?

(Picture: Stanley Park, Vancouver BC, October 2008, Photographed by: Jasmin Smith)

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