Friday, May 8, 2009

Thank you

What a fabulous week it has been. I've said it before, I'll say it again, this group of people on the Etsy Alberta Street Team are the most fabulous people in the world!

Our sale is over and all told, we had 42 shops across Alberta participating in the sale! That is fantastic. I cannot express enough happiness and pleasure this sale has brought me - not from a sellers perspective, but from group dynamic sort of way. Hmm, let me try explain that better! This sale started as a bit of a joke, a longing for sales sort of. We were bouncing the idea around and then one girl started organizing it. Then another volunteered to help and from there it escalated into the aforementioned 42 shops participating.

This whole sale was a wonderful bonding experience. We had a team forum thread for promoting the sale and there was someone on there constantly! In fact, there were many people on there and we ended up filling 133 pages (at 10 posts a page roughly).

That is amazing!

So, thank you. Thank you to you, the readers for coming and checking out the sale. Thank you to everyone who made a purchase. Thank you to my team members who made this so much fun!

Now we need to work on our meet up!

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