Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Conquering the Beast a.k.a. How to Stuff an Envelope

For those of you who ever get frustrated dealing with Canada Post, I have a super cute Canada Post story for everyone.

My cousin had bought some of my destash stuff from me which was really nice - cause I'd have sent her the stuff for free if she asked. So I messaged her and asked if she wanted more as I have tons of stuff. She told me it was all for her girls (8 and 3) and they love crafts so send whatever I wanted to. So I decided to send her ALL the destash goody packs (there were 4 - 2 small, 2 big) as well as all the other stuff she bought.I decided, having just heard of these things, to send her the stuff in one of those envelopes that, no matter how much you stuff in, it all costs the same amount. Turns out these are Xpresspost envelopes and I will be using those more often! (Can you imagine, I've been doing this for nearly a year and this is the first time I'd heard or these magical envelopes?!?)

I go to my post office and (not knowing what they are called, remember) I asked my postal worker (who is this cute little ole Asian lady) about those envelopes that you can stuff and it all costs the same price. She holds up the larges (and last) Xpresspost envelope. She looks at my stash a little doubtfully, but she sold me the envelope. I move around the counter and start stuffing.I know I am being watched. The store is empty, there is nothing else for her to do. The cashier at the other desk is watching as well. The postal worker, asks about the stuff (as it is all brightly coloured stickers and foamy stickers) and I tell her I am sending it to my cousin for her daughters. At this point, I had the envelope filled with all but one package. It won't fit any more. I have to empty it to start again. The cashier wanders over to see what I am sending. She loves it - and we all reminisce about these stickers and what fun they are. I take apart the large goody bags and squeeze all the air out of the large Ziploc bag they are in. The postal lady jumps in to help zip up the baggy. She helps with the second one. Bemused, she watches me stuff the envelope and squeeze the end shut. I look up at her, she jumps over to grab the end and fold it over. The envelope will close. Quickly, she peels the protective layer from the sticky part and folds it back over.

We have won. We conquered the beast. We have sealed the envelope. Laughing, I leave the store.

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