Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hole moley what a wicked storm last night! The sky was just illuminated by the lightning. It was constant and it knocked out the power! The power went off here about 9:30pm went on for about 2 minutes and then there was an almighty explosion down in the river valley (not to far from us!) and the power went out again. It just came back on about 3 hours ago. That and the wind storm! It was amazing. There are downed trees and branches all over our neighbourhood!

Other than that, had a lovely day yesterday. Wade and I went downtown to the farmers market. It was huge this year! I love it so much. Then we went and wandered the City Centre mall before going and seeing the new Harry Potter movie!! It was so good and I totally recommend the theatre downtown to anyone in Edmonton. It is freshly renovated and totally not crowded at all. It was a lovely day and we ended up getting home about 9:00pm.

I was just coming on here to post, when we heard a commotion in the hallways. It seems some of the tenants upstairs had some friends over and these friends started fighting tooth and nail! They may have been a couple - but all we heard was someone either being pushed or falling down the stairs and the girl was screaming like crazy! We called the police and so did another person in the building. By the time the police got here, the fighting couple had taken off. Just as the police were running upstairs though, a couple from up there slammed out of their apartment and left down the other staircase! It was crazy. Add that to the storm and we had a very interesting night last night!

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