Friday, August 28, 2009

How To: Stumble!

Stumble upon is basically like a blog where all you do is post things that you've found or want people to find on the internet. It is fascinating what people post here. It could be a cool story, news article, picture or website. In our case, it's both a picture (of your item) and a website.

First thing to do is to set up your profile and settings preferences. Change the colour of the background of your page, pick your page layout and say as much (or as little) about yourself as you like. Oh, also select your favourite things or catagories you are interested in.Once you are done this, you are ready to Stumble or submit articles to be Stumbled upon.

First, click on your home button. This will take you to your home page. From here you can do many things. Your page will probably be blank as you do not have any favourites yet. You will fill this with things you "like" and things that you submit to be Stumbled. You can check out what is new, you can check your inbox, see what your friends have submitted recently, check out your groups and, of course, set your preferences.

We are going to Stumble. To do this, we post a new:
  • Site
  • Blog
  • Video, or
  • Picture

Most of what we are going to submit will be sites. Click on site. This will bring out the request for the site URL and any description you wish to add. Select the URK you wish to submit (like an item in your store) and copy and paste it over. Add any description you like. Hit the "Post New Blog" button. You can pick a category you wish to submit this item into, but beware, it might limit the views you get. You must rate the item as either adult content or not and then you Thumbs up it! That's it! You've Stumbled your first item!

It does get addicting - be warned! It is very fun though, to sit and watch the numbers add up on your Heartomatic!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy anniversary!

One year and going strong! Today is my one year anniversary on Etsy! I think I've done pretty well there. I've developed my style and techniques into a product that is fun, funky and totally me. I am continuously learning new techniques to diversify myself, and I'm having fun doing it!

In celebration of this milestone, I'm having a one day sale. Today only everything in my store is 25% off!

Visit my store

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I am alive!

Hehe, well the title says it all. I'm still alive, I'm still here! Sorry I've been so absent - I was on vacation for a week and then I have been in the catch up mode since then. Well, I'm still not caught up on everything, but a girl needs a break every now and then.

So, as some of you might remember, my Nanny (my mom's mother) passed away this past March. It was very sad and hard to take in as we all thought she'd live forever. Well, the main reason for the vacation was to visit Kelowna and attend a memorial for her. Now, my family had a memorial for her after she died. My family in Wales then had a memorial for her when her ashes were buried with her parents there. This was her third memorial and we were all sitting around laughing about the fact that, only Nanny would have three memorials. Just like her, to want us to remember and honour her this many times. Haha.

Let me tell you my favourite memory of her (there are many).

This was after Wade and I moved to Edmonton from Kelowna. We had returned to Kelowna for my cousin's wedding. One night the whole family as well as many family friends were up for dinner. Nanny was sitting with my Great-Grandma K (who also passed away this past spring, in April, just 21 days after Nanny) and Auntie Margret (family friend). (Grandma K is my dad's grandma, btw.) I sat down next to Nanny and offered her a sip of my drink. I was drinking Bacardi Breezers - Pina Colada. (Nanny always insisted that she never drinks, but she'll steal sips from everyone's glass.)

She protested that she doesn't drink but took the bottle and took a sip.

And then another, and said oooh that's nice.

And then she passed it to Grandma K. Grandma K had a sip and agreed it was nice, but not her style of drink; she liked wine.

Well, Nanny took it back from her, and passed my drink on to Auntie Margret to try. Well, wouldn't you know it but Auntie Margret loved it. Said it reminded her of the trip that she and Nanny and their husbands took to Hawaii in the 70s.

They started passing my drink back and forth. I watched, a little shocked (missing my drink, you know) until they turned to me and said, well, don't you have another one for us?!?

Well, my mom and I had to go out then and there to buy two more cases for these two ladies, and wouldn't you know it? there were none left at the end of the night! Haha, so much for not drinking!!

Anyways, the memorial was nice, sad, draining and emotional. I'll tell you more about the trip another day.

Thanks for letting me share this.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quick note:

I've been included in a lovely denim blue treasury by the wonderful and talented Splurge.


Getting ready for a vacation. The first one, in fact in years. I forgot how much work goes into getting ready for one, haha. Well, I'm looking forward to it very much. I am leaving my shop open for the time we are gone, however I will not be shipping orders until after the 17th when we get back. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.