Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just a quick update on my classes.

Math class on Monday went ok. Not great - I need to read up on a few things to better understand them - and I need to study like mad for my first test next week! We are doing 3 tests instead of a midterm and a final. That is pretty good I guess. Not so much pressure on the 2 main tests.

Microeconomics last night went well. No homework (except to catch up) and I understood it all. Thank god!!!

Finished my second bezel set ring Tuesday night and I made the ring waaaaaaay to big, lol. It's even to big for my husband! So I am going to take it apart and redo the whole thing. I may need to buy a new stone for it though; hte malachite is looking a bit dull and scratched. Oops. Haha, I also set the bezel crookedly - so I think it's good that I do that! Started reticulation and tube setting last class too. Me, never being able to do the easy choice (like earrings or a pendandt) decided to do another ring. Actually, 2 more rings because of the way I cut the sheet metal after reticulating it. Now I have to pound them out to make them fit a bit better. Finishing this project next class.

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