Monday, September 7, 2009

General Updates

Well, here I am again. The worlds least dedicated blogger checking in. Well, ok, maybe I'm not that bad, but I certainly feel neglectful of you right now. I'll try harder to make time to post.

Let's start back at the beginning and start the update from there.

Wade and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary this past August. August 18th to be exact. He surprised me with flowers at work first thing in the morning. It was lovely, although I think he made our boss a wee bit jealous! (FYI, our boss is a guy!) We were then to go out for sushi for dinner (my favourite) but we decided not to make reservations, because, really how busy would it be? Ha ha, big mistake! We ended up going to 3 different sushi places before we got into one! Right after leaving the first place, the sky broke open and it began to pour. After parking at the final destination, it was a mad dash to the closest door. We rushed into the sushi place and everyone turned around to stare at us crazy people coming in from the storm. Ha ha, it was a lovely day though, rain and all!

I celebrated my 1 year anniversary on Etsy on August 27th. Woohoo! I think Etsy has become a good place for me to sell my jewelry. I enjoy the sense of community and friendship there. My team, the Alberta Street Team, is a wonderful, supportive group of ladies that I am so grateful to have found. Thank you ladies for all your help, support and friendship!

I have been experimenting with some new designs and ideas. These new designs are totally not what I've done to date - usually my stuff is... pretty and ladylike, I guess. This new stuff is quite cute and whimsical. I am making jewelry with coloured copper wire and aluminum wire and buttons! They are really cute. The earrings are being listed on Etsy under a new category called "Holidays". The rings, well I am going to make a bunch of them up and use them for my first table. That's right, I'm going to do a table at a craft sale! Ok, well, I don't know where yet, or when, but I am building up my stock for that time!

This is also the beginning of a new school year. I don't have kids myself, but I am enrolling in night courses again! I began the Accelerated Accounting Certificate program at NAIT last year, but only took one course, Intro to Accounting. I am continuing on with that program this semester and I'm taking Business Math (on Monday nights) and Computerized Information Systems (Saturday mornings, ugh). It's not to bad. I've taken one math class already - I strongly dislike math, urgh. Well, it's all in the name of an education.

It going to take a couple of years, but I'll (hopefully) have 3 certificates under my belt as well as be working towards my Accounting diploma by then, (I already have my Administrative Office Assistant Certificate, I'm working on the afore mentioned Accelerated Accounting Certificate and I am also working on the Payroll Practitioner Certificate through the Canadian Payroll Association. Whew!)

Oh, I'm also taking another class this semester! Luckily, it will be the most fun class of all! I am taking Silversmithing Level 1 that will be offered at a bead and rock store here in Edmonton. I cannot wait for this class!!!

So, I'm going to be very busy, what with all these classes, new designs and a full time job, but I will do my absolute best to post more often, even if it is just one or two lines!

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