Monday, March 22, 2010

New listing!

I need to take some more pictures of the new stuff I've made in order to keep listing on a daily basis. I still have enough stuff to keep listing for a while though, so here are some new items I've listed!

Bright Aqua Blue Glass Gemstone Nugget Shaped Key Ring
A very pretty and whimsical key ring. Who wouldn't want a nice chunk of ice like that!

Carved Adventurine Flattened Tube Key Ring
I love this stone and for the longest time, I couldn't think of what to do with it.

Vibrant Pink Wire Wrapped Black Marble Zipper Pull
Another whimsically wrapped zipper pull. I like the different wraps - no two are alike!

Don't Be Such a Square - Glass Key Ring
Cute little square glass bead securely wrapped to a key ring. These beads are 0.75" across, so they make for a cute, little key ring.

Blue Lagoon Glass Bead Key Ring
Another 0.75" glass bead is used, this one is a flattened, round bead. Makes for such a cute little key ring!

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