Sunday, April 11, 2010

Handmade Mafia

Sorry I've been away so long! This week has been rather crazy.

You know, thinking about it, I say that a lot, maybe I should define crazy here for me. For me a crazy week usually entails working full time (and many days, overtime) going to class one or two nights a week and trying to keep up with my blogs, Twitter, Etsy and FaceBook.

Anyways, this week we had 2 visitors from Tuesday to Friday sucking up all our time at work (these lovely ladies work in our Eastern facility and they'd come out to visit, meet-and-greet, and see how we operate out West), as well, I was preparing for my first ever craft show; the Handmade Mafia. So this past week was beyond crazy and well into madness!

So, the Handmade Mafia. What is it?

The Mafia is an Edmonton based collective of artists, crafters and entrepreneurs brought together once a month to put on a craft sale. There are tables set up for everything from jewellery to baby stuff to handmade, recycled notebooks.The Mafia takes place one Saturday a month in the Orange Hall behind the Old Strathcona's farmer's market. We take up both floors of the Orange Hall (basically a converted church) in the heart of the theatre district of Edmonton.

I am a member of the Mafia (bwahaha) and I participated in my first show on Saturday! I was so excited! Unfortunately, this being Edmonton, the weather decided not to cooperate. It was windy and blowing sand and dirt and it was cold! So, unfortunately, sales were down for the show but I got the opportunity to wander the sales floor and take a peak at what others were selling.

So many wonderful vendors! I bought a few things myself (thus ensuring I spent more than I made) but I LOVE what I got. I bought a lovely bar of soap from Body Divine ( I bought the delicious smelling Earth soap bar and it is rich and lathery goodness. I also bought a beautiful glass pendant from Pixie Glassworks ( They have some seriously amazing pendants! I already have one of their aromatherapy pendants (seriously, check them out, so divine especially the Chai scent!) so I bought one of the universe pendants which I have been coveting since I first saw their stand at the Fringe Festival 4 years ago.

I also checked out (beautiful dishes), (we sat back to back and she was so fun to talk to! Beautiful jewellery too!), (beautiful pendants!), and we were across from (he had some amazing photos on stretched canvas). These are just a few of the vendors (mostly the few that I grabbed a business card from) there were so many others with amazing products too!

Here is the FaceBook group for anyone interested in participating in the next show or for anyone interested in coming out to the next show! So come on by and check us out!


  1. wow, sounds like a great event! I hope I can attend some day

  2. I would love to see you up here Cindy!