Friday, April 23, 2010

Slow Down!

I just wish sometimes that life would slow down or just pause for a while so I could enjoy it more. I'm always rushing somewhere or to do something and I just want to take a moment and enjoy life.

Take, for example, my typical week.

Monday - I rush to get to work (no time to enjoy the morning). While at work, I rush and wait impatiently for the end of the day, because, Damn! Monday's are hard! Also, wishing and praying for Friday to hurry up and arrive.

Tuesday/Wednesday - Rush through the workday. Rush home and have a quick bite to eat and then rush of to NAIT for classes. Watch the clock impatiently for 9:00 pm so I can get home and crash.

Thursday - Rush through the workday. Praying for the strength to last till Friday without calling in sick (haven't done it ever at this new job - and never will, but still).

Friday - Race through the day to begin the weekend.

Saturday/Sunday - Rush around town getting all the stuff done that I can't do during the week. Also have to spend time with my husband and friends who I never get to see during the week anymore due to being so busy.

I just want to slow down and enjoy the day as it happens. I went for a pedicure and to get my nails done on Thursday night and it was the first bit of indulgence I've had for me in a long while. I don't mind being busy, I just want to relax some time too! I think I saw a grey hair the today but I was too busy to stop and examine it so I don't know if I did or not!

I hearby resolve to make more time for indulgences, for my husband, for me, and for my friends and family. I will take the time to call my parents, take to my brothers on the phone, meet a friend for coffee or a walk and relax and go to a movie with my husband.

I will make time to do what I want and need to do to relax and have fun!

And, speaking of what I want, I want to go check it out and see if that really was a grey hair or not. Excuse me now.

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