Thursday, July 8, 2010

Festivals and Craft Shows

Busy, busy, busy!

I've had a busy past week and these next couple of weekends will be busy too!

Last Saturday I had the great fortune to be invited down to Sylvan Lake for their first Artisans Market and I had a blast! The show was located in the community hall, just one block from the lake! I got to take a quick look around town before the show (never been before!) and what a pretty town! Loved it and will definitely be back to visit. Sales weren't to bad and people are definitely excited that we'll be back on the 17th.

Just this past Tuesday/Wednesday I had the opportunity to be a part of the Works, an Artistic showcase in downtown Edmonton. Sales were definitely slower, but it was great to get out and see what else is out there. Had so much fun hanging out with the other vendors it definitely made up for the slack sales. Got pretty sick on the second day though so that was so not fun to tough out, but I did. I figure it was a good experience (even though I lost money on it) in that it got my name out there some more at different events here in Edmonton.

So, doing the Handmade Mafia on Saturday and the next Sylvan Lake Market the following Saturday too. I'm pretty much booked for the rest of the summer (Sylvan Lake is every second Saturday) but I'm definitely happy about it. It all gets me noticed, out of the house (and work occasionally!), and it gets me sales for which I'm very grateful.

I'll try check in more though. I'm such a bad blogger!

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