Saturday, August 28, 2010

Catch Up

So I've been away for a while. Even though I haven't been working things have been crazy around here.

It all started with (what we thought was) a leaky toilet. We noticed, one day about 2 weeks ago now, that there was water pooling around the toilet and we thought that our toilet was leaking. I didn't want to say anything to the landlord yet as I thought it might have been the tub or shower's fault. Two mornings later - very early I might add - I got up to go the the washroom. It was still dark out. As I was sitting on the toilet finishing my business, I felt a drip on my shoulder. I looked up and noticed the roof (which, in our bathroom was covered with wainscoting) looked damp. I thought it was odd, but I was half asleep so it didn't alarm me to much. I washed the drip off and went back to bed. I did mention to Wade that I thought the roof was leaking, but, again it was early and we didn't do anything about it.

Two days later, about mid afternoon, I walked into the bathroom to see water flowing down the wall and the roof dripping in 2 spots. Called the landlord right away. Both owners come out and, after some poking around both in my bathroom and the guy's bathroom upstairs, we found out the seal om his toilet is broken. Yup, we had toilet water flowing/dripping into our bathroom. Awesome.

Landlord comes back 2 days later (on last Sunday) to check on our roof and the upstairs toilet. They determined that the wainscoting must come down to check for water damage from the toilet. Yuck. Turns out, there was water damage, but not from the toilet but from our shower and the previous owner of the building put up the wainscoting to cover up the damage (you know, instead of fixing it). So the entire roof had to come down. We had bare pipes and floorboards as a roof.

As a result, we were told (by one of the owners - V) not to use the shower but rather use the shower in the empty suite downstairs. (It turns out, the poor guy upstairs had been using this toilet instead of his own since first discovering the leak and continued using it until the plumber came and fixed it this past Tuesday.) We were Not Happy, but it needed to be fixed so, fine.

Monday morning. I didn't want to shower down there alone so I got up with Wade to go for a morning shower. I showered first. I should note here that this suite had been upgraded (where ours hasn't yet) and it had laminate flooring and tile flooring for the kitchen and bathroom. Wade was in the shower. We hadn't brought any mats for the flooring so I was standing on the bare tile applying cream to one foot. (Yes, I was standing on one foot). Suddenly, somehow, I lost my footing and began to fall. I really don't remember landing but Wade says I landed on my back and right side all I remember next is lying on the floor trying, and failing, to breathe through the pain. I couldn't breathe and I felt so much pain like I'd never felt before (and hope to never feel again). I thought I'd broken my back, I'd done some irreparable damage, I was going to die. I had to sit up because the pain was 100 times worse on my back. The first thing I did, once I caught my breathe, was tried to scream through the pain. (Wade was scrambling out of the shower, dripping and trying to help me at the time. I was wearing his towel so he couldn't even wrap himself up, poor guy.)

I made Wade call 911. I was in full out panic-mode. Hyperventilating and trying to breathe in such a way that it didn't hurt my back. I managed to pull on my underwear and my tank top by the time the ambulance arrived (sorry, but I do not want to be sitting there wrapped in a towel when the EMT's arrived) and was sitting there in some serious pain. Wade kept telling me not to move. The EMT's looked at me sitting there (and their arrival stopped my panic attack and I was pretty embarrassed by then for making Wade call 911), looked at my back and said that, since I was sitting, and looking at my back, there seemed to be no damage, there wasn't any point in going to the hospital for a 6 hour wait. They'd bring me in if I wanted, but it was up to me. Again, I was embarrassed so I said no.

Wade helped me upstairs (and, let me tell you, standing hurt like a SOB) and took the day off work to make sure I was ok. (He really is a great guy.) I've been hurting ever since. Tuesday my back wasn't hurting as much, strangely it was my ribs hurting more (Wade says I landed on my right, so I guess it makes sense).

Plumber came in on Tuesday with the other owner (D - not the one who told us to use that bathroom downstairs) and told me it's silly we're using that one and, as long as we shower with the door open and the fan on there's no problem with us using our own bathroom. I was not pleased with the other owner(V).

I was able to sit up at the computer by Wednesday and I thought I was getting better. I still hurt generally (especially at night when trying to go to sleep), but I thought I was healing. I really, really hurt though when sitting/standing up and if I twisted in any weird way. Thursday I really hurt so Friday I went to the Medicentre. Spent 2 hours waiting to see a doctor to find out I cracked a rib when I fell and that's why I still hurt.

Awesome. According to the doctor, it'll be another 3 weeks until the cracked rib heals so if it hurts, don't do it. There's nothing they can do for ribs; they're meant to move so I'll be hurting for a while. I did get a prescription for T3's thank goodness so I'll be able to sleep at night.

All this because of a lousy, leaky toilet.


  1. yikes....i hope you feel better soon and you get your bathroom fixed! :)

  2. Thanks! Supposedly the guys are coming in this Friday to fix the ceiling. My fingers are crossed!