Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Ongoing Bathroom Saga

I've told you about my bathroom no longer having a roof (and what happened to me as a result, darn ribs!). Let me tell you what's been happening her the past couple of days.

We received a notice Wednesday night that the building we live in will be painted, starting Thursday. This is a good thing as the building is about 60 years old and was looking run down on the outside (mostly very, very dirty). What we didn't realize was that they were going to be painting by spraying the building and, as a result, the windows (and doors, and vents and outside lights, etc.) needed to be covered up. The painters taped up all the windows of the building Thursday afternoon... and left. It was hot outside (for September). It got really hot inside. Thursday night it got to about 30 degrees Celsius inside before my husband, in desperation, took a big knife to the plastic and slit it open out of desperation. It was required. Of course, we had to tape it back up Friday morning when the painters came back.

Friday was bad. I left for a while but I needed to be back because a gentleman was coming into our suite to start repairing the roof. Finally, yay! Didn't get much done but it was a start. Before he left, he assured me the plastic would be down by the evening and it was, thankfully.

Today, after a couple hours work, we finally got our bathroom back. So happy! They put in a drop ceiling, which I thought was weird for a bathroom, but as long as it doesn't go moldy and make us sick, I don't care. Of course, it was a mess (dust everywhere) so I cleaned it - top to bottom- which, with a cracked rib, wasn't fun let me tell you! But it was Necessary so it had to be done.

I have a bathroom, with a roof, again. No more exposed pipes, dusty floorboards, or insulation to stare at while, ahem, on the loo. No more need for 5 minute, lightning fast showers. I can have a bath. Actually... Hmm... That's a good idea.

Night all. Off to get reacquainted with my bubble bath.

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