Sunday, December 12, 2010


I started taking my vitamins again daily as I know I'm not getting the proper nutrition I need through my meals. Like, I hate milk so I don't drink it so I don't get as much calcium as I need. I'm also very vitamin D deficient so I have to take at least 3000 IU a day and it looks like I'm lacking in iron too so I'm now taking one a day.

I looked down at my hand today and counted how many pills I'm taking. Twelve. Twelve pills a day and that still isn't everything I need to take!

3 - Calcium supplements
3 - Vitamin D
1 - Iron
1- Cod Liver Oil
1 - Stress Ease (Vitamin B)
3 - Vitamin C - chewable.

I should still be taking a multi-vitamin, just to cover the rest of the stuff an adult is supposed to take but I just can't be bothered to right now.

And the funny thing? I just started to take these pills but I took a few of them when I was a kid (specifically the vitamin C and cod liver oil). It amazes me how much I'd been craving the vitamin C until I started taking it again. I love vitamin C and until I started taking it again I never realized it.


  1. Jasmin, if you'd like to reduce your pill intake (as I did, I despise large pills), there are Ca/Mg liquids that are flavored and easily mixed into a small bowl of plain yogurt. The one I have now has 750 mg/Tbsp!!! That's a lot of Ca in very little liquid, plus the Ca from the yogurt!

    Also, you can buy Vit. D drops - one drop (tasteless) yields 1000 I.U.!!

  2. Hey, thanks for the advice! I had no idea these things existed. I would probably be really bad at remembering to take them, but it's great to have options. Thanks!