Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 7

Woot! Been doing this for a week now!

Ok, in all honesty, today kinda sucked. Not because of the new diet - although the diet was affected by the day - but because of other things.

Woke up in a bad mood but managed to stick with the diet all day until I decided I wanted a nice, long, hot bath. Yeah. brought my phone along in case I got a call and you see where this is going? Yup. Nice and shiny iPhone 4 ended up in the drink. Only for a couple of seconds but it was enough that it started giving me error messages. So much for the long hot soak. Out of the tub to figure out how to fix my phone. According to the Internet I must take the sim card out and place the phone - making sure it is turned off! - in a baggy filled with rice (to absorb the water) for 2-3 days. Well, the damn phone wouldn't stay off! So I sat here for an hour turning the stupid thing off when it turned itself on until it finally stayed off. So, now it sits, on the counter in rice and there it will stay until the 27th or 28th and I pray I get no urgent or important phone calls between now and then. You know, like a job offer or a call for an interview. Damn it.

Ok, so today I ate the yogurt, all-bran and fruit breakfast/lunch and pizza for dinner. I had a couple of snacks too - cheese and fruit. It was bad, but I had a bad day so I forgive myself for it. Back in the saddle tomorrow.

Day Six

Another good day :)

Breakfast: Whole grain toast with 1/2 a banana and low fat cream cheese. With a glass of fruit juice.

Snack: Low fat Babybel cheese

Lunch: Buckwheat, chickpea and broccoli salad with fresh mushrooms and milk

Dinner: Chicken breast with steamed broccoli, salad, and 3 new baby potatoes. Dessert of pomegranate.

Snack: Small handful of grapes and very small handful of peanuts.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Day Five

So I think I'm getting the hang of this new diet thing! Did really well yesterday. Regular yogurt, all-bran buds and fruit (blueberries and half a banana) breakfast/lunch. A couple of low fat Babybel cheeses for a snack and ribs and steamed veggies for dinner with a salad! Oh, and an apple crisp shared with Wade for dessert.

Everything I ate was just delicious and exactly what I wanted. I am pretty happy about this whole thing. I have tons more energy these past few days and I'm feeling a lot better about what I'm eating. I know this was the best choice for me to make.

It's such a lovely day so I'm off for a walk to the post office!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Catching Up

With everything going on these days, and with me focusing on journaling about my new diet I haven't been sharing anything new with either Frog Princess Designs or Jewels by Jasmin. And, oh my god, I haven't shared anything about Jewels by Jasmin! What a terrible blogger am I!

Ok, on December 8, 2010 I opened a new shop on Etsy called Jewels by Jasmin. I wanted to move my jewellery from Frog Princess Designs to its very own shop where it can be showcased properly without being overshadowed by all the other stuff I was offering at Frog Princess. On that same note, I have a ton of designs, items, ideas that I've either created already or are wanting to create that just didn't fit into the whole shop view of Frog Princess Designs with the jewellery. I felt it was best to divide out the 2 focuses into 2 different shops so here we are. Jewels by Jasmin was created to focus 100% on jewellery while Frog Princess Designs' focus has been redirected towards fun and fabulous accessories and geeky items.

I've also opened up an Artfire store. http://www.artfire.com/users/JewelsByJasmin I want to get my name out there on a lot of other venues with the ultimate goal being opening and running my own website. I'll be posting some of the same jewellery to the Artfire shop, but there will also be some designs exclusive to that shop. I'll try to post them here so everyone will have a chance to check them out.

It's been a lot of work running three shops, but so fun too. I love that I'm now able to share some of the great things I've been making and selling at craft shows, but not online as it didn't fit the "theme" of the shop. I'm so happy now that I can share a greater variety of stuff!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day Four

Ok, so today was also a good day. I knew what I was doing, what I was eating, and how much I needed. Then, we went out for dinner to a (slightly) new restaurant because we were going to do dinner and a movie. Lazia. So not a good restaurant for the diet unfortunately. The menu is very rich and decadent. Lots of pastas, potatoes, rices, not much with the salads and lean meats. So I had a hamburger and a salad. Not the best choice on the menu - that would have been the plain salad - but I was hungry by then and the plain salad would not have filled me up and I'd be tempted to snack all night.

We need to make better restaurant choices. We need to start going to restaurants that feature a wonderful salad or light options menu. Gotta stop eating at bad places. Actually. We just need to cut back on eating out and start preparing more meals, more dinners, in the home. We eat at home for every other meal of the day, why not dinner?

Day Three

(Forgot to post yesterday)

It was another good day yesterday... Well, For the most part. Did very well for breakfast and lunch but had mac and cheese for dinner and some popcorn too. Well, I guess we can't let the food go to waste and as long as it's not an everyday thing, eating poorly, and as long as we don't get that stuff anymore, there shouldn't be any problems.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day Two

Ok, definitely a better day today. I was more prepared today.

Small bowl of yogurt with All-Bran (with psyllium fibre) and blueberries and a small amount of sugar. (I couldn't help it, it's unsweetened yogurt)

Buck wheat, chickpeas, and broccoli salad with a glass of milk.

Salmon with steamed veggies and a small salad.
210 cal, 7g of fat

We went out for dinner but I chose the healthy choice.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day One

Day one of the new diet. How am I feeling?


No, not really. I mean I was earlier when I was trying to figure out WHAT I could eat for dinner now. It was a bit bewildering. It's hard going from not caring what we cook for dinner to worrying about whether or not the mac and cheese in the cupboard is low GI or if I should just throw everything away and start my pantry up from scratch. Obviously, I'm not going to do that (I couldn't afford to, and besides, think of the waste!) but it was very frustrating. I figure the best thing to do is to try my best and finish the bad stuff we have now and not buy any more. And, supplement it with as much good GI stuff as possible.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lifestyle Changes?

I had to go for a doctor appointment today as (I thought) a follow up to my surgery in December. Well, it wasn't a follow up appointment so much as a "let me show you the gigantic cyst you have in your left ovary" appointment - with full colour pictures. A little jarring to say the least. Now, it came as no surprise I had cysts. I've been told I have them in the past and the doctor did tell me after my surgery that she found them again. What was so jarring was the sheer size the one cyst made my left ovary compared to my right one. The right one, in the picture, looked to be about the size of my thumbnail while the left one was the size of an egg. A small egg, but still, an egg.

Another not quite surprise is that, by looking at my right ovary (as it was rather lumpy) it appears that I also have PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome. Basically, all kinds of fun where my body doesn't ovulate properly, produce enough progesterone, and is infertile. It also seems that weight gain (hey, that sounds familiar), irregular periods, insulin resistance, diabetes and androgenic hormone presence are also all signs of PCOS. I think the scariest parts of this is the fact that I'll never get over it, this is something that I'll have for the rest of my life. I have to treat it, manage it, but I'll never live life with out the PCOS being there.

The symptoms that worry me most are the weight gain (and subsequent difficulty in losing weight), insulin resistance, and the diabetes. Obesity and diabetes run rampant in my family history and I know I'm no feather-weight. Getting diabetes has scared me so much since I was 17 and visited my grandpa for the first time in 5 or 6 years to find out his leg had been amputated due to his diabetes. I do not want that; I am terrified of that. So that means I must make some pretty significant lifestyle changes in order to decrease my chances of a good many diseases and chronic problems due to the PCOS.

1. Change of diet. My diet needs to now reflect a low carbohydrate and low-glycemic index diet. Basically this means that I need to start eating things that break down slower over a longer period of time and get the carbs I need from foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

2. Exercise more. Sustained levels of physical activities over longer periods of time will help to reduce and manage my weight.

3. Monitor my body. Become more aware of what is going on with my body and note changes.

PCOS can lead to any of the following:
  • Heart disease
  • Insulin resistance/Type II Diabetes
  • Strokes
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Endometrial Cancer, and
  • Weight Gain

I want to minimize my risks to these so I will work towards my goals. I will change my diet, exercise more, and monitor my body. I will not develop any of these diseases as a result of my negligence of my body. I will take take care of myself.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011