Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 7

Woot! Been doing this for a week now!

Ok, in all honesty, today kinda sucked. Not because of the new diet - although the diet was affected by the day - but because of other things.

Woke up in a bad mood but managed to stick with the diet all day until I decided I wanted a nice, long, hot bath. Yeah. brought my phone along in case I got a call and you see where this is going? Yup. Nice and shiny iPhone 4 ended up in the drink. Only for a couple of seconds but it was enough that it started giving me error messages. So much for the long hot soak. Out of the tub to figure out how to fix my phone. According to the Internet I must take the sim card out and place the phone - making sure it is turned off! - in a baggy filled with rice (to absorb the water) for 2-3 days. Well, the damn phone wouldn't stay off! So I sat here for an hour turning the stupid thing off when it turned itself on until it finally stayed off. So, now it sits, on the counter in rice and there it will stay until the 27th or 28th and I pray I get no urgent or important phone calls between now and then. You know, like a job offer or a call for an interview. Damn it.

Ok, so today I ate the yogurt, all-bran and fruit breakfast/lunch and pizza for dinner. I had a couple of snacks too - cheese and fruit. It was bad, but I had a bad day so I forgive myself for it. Back in the saddle tomorrow.

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