Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day Four

Ok, so today was also a good day. I knew what I was doing, what I was eating, and how much I needed. Then, we went out for dinner to a (slightly) new restaurant because we were going to do dinner and a movie. Lazia. So not a good restaurant for the diet unfortunately. The menu is very rich and decadent. Lots of pastas, potatoes, rices, not much with the salads and lean meats. So I had a hamburger and a salad. Not the best choice on the menu - that would have been the plain salad - but I was hungry by then and the plain salad would not have filled me up and I'd be tempted to snack all night.

We need to make better restaurant choices. We need to start going to restaurants that feature a wonderful salad or light options menu. Gotta stop eating at bad places. Actually. We just need to cut back on eating out and start preparing more meals, more dinners, in the home. We eat at home for every other meal of the day, why not dinner?

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