Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New(ish) Stuff! Lots of pictures!

Hey everyone! I've been lurking for a while, not posting, but here I am with a TON of new things I've made recently (and not so recently).

Just so you know: If you click on the pictures you will navigate away from blogger, but you will be able to see the entire picture. The pictures are linked to my other blog on livejournal.

Loads of pictures so be warned!

All these are copper and glass bead wrapped earrings with sterling silver earwires. All made by hand.

Apitite and sterling silver earrings.

Copper, blue quartz and sterling silver earrings.

Vintage lucite flowers, swarovski crystals and sterling silver earrings.

Vintage lucite, crystals, brass and copper necklace. Is it still steampunk with flowers?

Vintage lucite flowers and sterling silver necklace.

Metallic durzy stone with sterling silver pendant and necklace.

Oxidized sterling silver with clear quartz, aqua chalcedony, and turquoise.

Oxidized copper bracelet with quartz star.

So excited about this one! Used my dapping block for the first time! Copper and sterling silver pendant and necklace.

Copper shawl pin with prehnite stone.

Copper wrap ring.

My favourite pair of earrings ever! Isn't that red just soooo nice?

Sterling silver and ruby earrings! (Yes, rubies! They are sooo big! 14mm I think)

Sterling silver, copper, pearls, crystals and a handamde (not by me) flower. Necklace.

How cute are these pin cushions? I was just playing around with the felt bobbles one day and got a brainstorm about these!

Thanks for looking! Comments and constructive criticism is always welcome too!

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