Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Past Month

Ai. Went pretty much a month without posting anything. Just fell off the face of the earth due to work and exhaustion. So sorry to disappear on you all! It's been a busy month, new job, new crafts, visits to Kelowna, and sleeping. There hasn't been enough sleep it seems.

So, new job. Love it. Work with some really great people at the City Centre Airport in Edmonton for a private corporate plane and courier company. Doing admin work which is 100% stress-free and easy. I was looking for a job I could do and not bring work/work issues home with me and I found it. The big perk is that the people are great and easy to work with (unlike my last job). The next big perk, and the best part in my mind, I have a great view! I get to watch airplanes take off and land all day. How cool is that? Totally reminds me of my life goal when I was 12 and I wanted to pilot the F-16s. I feel like a kid in a candy store; this is work? So happy! I even got to see one of the corporate jets up close and I got to go inside. I was in heaven, haha!

New crafts. Well, I've listed a ton of new stuff in both the Frog Princess Designs shop and the Jewels by Jasmin shop. I still have a ton of new stuff to list and I have so many ideas floating through my head that some are getting lost :(
Here are a couple of the new things:

Bridal Jewellery at Jewels by Jasmin!

Sheet metal work! So excited for this new stuff. (Big hint of new things to come, look for metal stampings!)

New bobby pins on Frog Princess Designs!

Pins and brooches!

LOVE these rose pins!

And there is soooo many other new things listed too! And about to be listed. I'm so excited for so much of it!

Went to Kelowna for Easter to visit my family and just had a blast. It was a super busy weekend but we had fun and managed to take a ton of pictures. My favourites?

Sales on the Okanagan Lake. There were so many sailboats out that day and we managed to get some great shots.

Me and my two brothers.

Wade and me at the lake.


  1. Good for you - it sounds like things are going really well!!!

  2. Thnaks! I hope it keeps going that way!