Thursday, June 9, 2011

Surgery, Part 2

Had another surgery on Monday.

I needed to have a large cyst removed and there was the possibility that an ovary would come out too. It did. I am now a one ovary PCOS suffering woman but I'm strong and healthy so I can handle it.

Surgery went well but the recovery this time is just taking forever. They used a different anesthetic than last time and this one, well, it made me so very sick. (Last time I was so sore for days afterwards.) I spent 11 hours at the hospital on Monday, mostly trying to recover from the surgery. It doesn't help that, before the surgery, they gave me the citric acid stuff to suppress acid reflux and I was throwing that up too. Seriously, the most vile stuff I'll ever consume. Anyways, after surgery I was so sick, dizzy, nauseated and throwing up from sips of water. My darling husband came with me and spent the day at the hospital waiting to take me home and every time he came by to see how I was doing in recovery, well, I was throwing up. Poor guy! I finally begged them to let me go home, even though I was still sick. I'd rather be sick in my own bed than somewhere else. Luckily, they let me go. I've spent the past days at home, mostly on the couch as I'm still to dizzy to sit up and do anything most of the time. The only good thing to come of all this down time is that I've been able to come up with some new designs for wire worked pieces. But really? I just want to be better and back to normal, work and all.

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