Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh to be 5 again and without a pain in the world...

One of the good things about getting older, I guess, is that you learn more and more about your body. For instance, today I learned that I have osteoarthritis in my upper chest joints (weird spot, I know, but it oddly makes sense when I think of all the creaking and cracking my ribs do on my front) from this fascinating full body scan I got sent to a couple of weeks ago. Seriously cool. You get a needle a couple hours before the scan - a needle of radioactive material, btw. You go and lie on a table and the x-ray machine moves all around you; it circles, spins, slides up and down the table, and gets right close (thought it was going to squish my boobs a couple of times!) taking in depth photos of your bones.

Another fun thing I learned today? I have a genetic condition where my spine curves to the right. Mild scoliosis. It pushes on the right side of my spine when I sit up straight (like we've been taught since elementary school) creating pressure and pain on the left side of my back. Coincidentally, I originally went to the doctor because I've been getting pain on the left side of my back.

And that fun hip pain I've been getting? Probably linked to one of the above conditions.

Weee! Getting old is fun!

I'm only 28.


  1. how old are you?

    oops, I just see the answer. ah, that's not old.

  2. It's just a fact of life...getting older, I mean...

  3. Thanks Dianne. It feels that way sometimes, haha!

    Jensdreamdecor, it certainly is!