Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So. This budget thing. Not really working. Or rather say, it works to well and I can't deviate from it even once.

I need to pay for a night course so I can complete this stupid accounting certificate I've been working on for the past 2...3 (?) years now. And the budget is set, the bills need to be paid, there is no deviating allowed. Bills must be paid. In order to pay for the class, I've come up with a brilliant solution.

Sell stuff.

Specifically, sell the stuff I make. Sure, it looks pretty cluttering decorating my desk, work space, life, home but I do make this stuff to sell. And, technically, yes, it has been selling. July was a very good month but I reinvested a lot (read: all) of that back into supplies for reason of the budget. It is August now, August 16th in fact, and school starts September 1 so I must do something drastic.

I'm having a sale. A Back to School Sale in both shops.
Use the coupon code at check SCHOOL and receive 20% off all items in both stores.


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