Monday, January 23, 2012

New Listing Love

I've been slowly filling my shops up again after Christmas. A couple listings a night. What's really sad is the fact that some of the items I've listed, the pictures were taken a year ago. I'm so bad at listing new things! Trying to get better though. The exciting thing is, once these new items are all listed, I'll need to make new stuff :)

Just wanted to share a couple of my favourites from each shop. I either love the item itself (ok, I love almost 100% of the items I make, it's just something about these ones really speak to me) or I LOVE how the pictures turned out.

Forest Green, Hand Felted Heart Brooch. Love the item, LOVE the picture!

Navy Blue Pincushion Ring on a Silver Button Base. LOVE the style!

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Circle Necklace. LOVE the turquoise used here!

Tropical Fish Necklace. Hand formed frame. LOVE the picture as well as the item.

Jade and Gold Ring. LOVE the Jade.

Copper Ring with Sterling Silver Beads. LOVE the style of this ring!
In order from top to bottom:
Forest Green Heart
Pincushion Ring
Turquoise and Coral Necklace
Tropical Fish Necklace
Jade Gold Ring
Mixed Metal Ring