Thursday, January 19, 2012

Time Flies...

HI! Well, time flies when you're having fun right? Or losing your mind, which, I think was what happened to me. Started a new job, lost a valued member of my family, taking classes, working on new crafts, Etsy, craft shows every weekend, and on and on and on! Something had to give and, unfortunately, it was the blog. But! I'm back now and will be posting more regularly again.

First thing I wanted to share is... A front page appearance! So excited to share that my ring was featured on the front page of Etsy at 3 AM on Wednesday January 18th. Unfortunately, I happened to be deathly (or so I felt) ill with the flu at the time, so I was unable to fully appreciate the awesomeness of that feature. Feeling almost 100% better now, and super excited about it!
 My listing is on the second line, third item over. The chrysoprase ring. Super exciting as this is only my second appearance on Etsy's front page in the 3 years I've been on it!