Friday, March 16, 2012


Etsy Canada has mentioned one of our Alberta Craft Alert articles again on both the Facebook page and their twitter. We are so super excited! They like us, they really do!

In case you're wondering, the article in question was this one,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Food Porn

Went to Duchess last night with a good friend to check it out and to see the space we'll be renting for our craft show.


I may have fallen in love with the place.

The food is amazing. Just amazing. We both had a sandwich (Marissa's was prosciutto and Gruyere cheese and mine was boiled egg, greens and pork pate) and a bowl of the French onion soup. And a dessert. The sandwiches were delicious, no question about that but the star? Definitely was the French onion soup (and the desserts, but we'll get to that in a minute). It was thick with onions and the broth was hearty and flavourful. It quite possibly is the best French onion soup in the city but I'm willing to test that theory if anyone has any other contenders.

The dessert. I had macaroons. Two of them. And then I had to buy some for later because... Wow. Like, just, wow. I finally see the hype. I finally get why macaroons are so popular because...Wow. They were light, creamy, and packed with flavour. If you go there, I totally recommend the macaroons.

Food Porn. Lemon, rose, and orange poppyseed macaroons.

The space is amazing, by the way. I'm super excited for our show. If you haven't already checked out our show, out Facebook even is here. So excited to see you there!

Random Silliness...

Random comment of the night to a friend: We're crafty and we have glue guns. We can do anything.

So true.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's Going On

These past few weeks have been so crazy with school and work, not to mention the 2 new websites a friend and I are working on.

The first one, as I've mentioned before, is the Alberta Craft Alert. I think we've finalized the design of it and now are just building up the content. If you can think of any shows or markets we've missed, or if you are a crafter and want to be added to the crafter's profile page, visit the website and click on the Contact Us button on the side of the screen.

The second site is new and was necessary due to a new project we're working on. We are starting pop up craft shows in the Edmonton and Calgary areas. The first show is March 25 & 26 at 10720 124 Street in Edmonton. We'll be right next door to Duchess Bakery, one of the BEST bakeries in the city. Check out the website here. We also have a Facebook event, here.

We are so super excited by this! We've always wanted to show off Alberta talent and, by creating our own show, we are!

I'm not going to lie though. What with everything going on, it's been a crazy couple of weeks. i had my night class midterm on Tuesday night and work has been super busy. It's been super hectic, a bit emotional at the end of the day, but a lot of fun. I've been learning new things with school, work and the websites and I definitely am passionate about everything I'm doing. Just wish there was more time in the day though!